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Optrel e684 Headshield 5-13 HD Welding

The Ultimate Professional welding headshield combining the full shade range of the best selling e680 and the auto-tracking feature of the e670 and also adding class 1 angular dependency to give the user crisp and clear High Definition views of the work in hand.
The welder is recognised as the top athlete among the metal craftsmen. They need to cope with harsh work conditions such as fumes, constantly changing levels of brightness and heat. Additionally, welders have a high level of responsibility. A flawed welding seam might, in extreme cases, be the cause for deadly incidents. Hence, a perfect welding helmet becomes increasingly important. It makes the welding process safer, more efficient, more accurate and more comfortable. Therefore only the best is good enough.

So do not settle for anything less! Discover the uniqueness of the Optrel e684

The optrel e684 is the perfect welding protection gear for demanding joining processes of aluminium, nickel-chromium alloys, special metals as well as steel.

Thanks to the infinitely variable shade range of SL 5 to SL 13 the optrel e684 is suitable for all electric arc welding as well as grinding processes. The optrel e684 is the welder‘s loyal companion, especially for industrial applications such as vehicle & railway construction, agricultural & construction machinery, steel, vessel & plant construction, pipeline & tube making, as well as shipbuilding and offshore.

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