The weldcap® – an automatic welding cap, that combines the comforts of a leisure hat with the advantages of a full welding helmet. 

Shade level 3 / 9 to 12
2.7 times the field of view of a standard industry welding helmet
super light and super comfortable
simply cool


Extensive field of vision: revolutionary wear comfort minimal weight swift handling utmost protection multi-purpose use The heart of this innovative product is the optical unit featuring a well-defined nose cut out. Thereby the visual unit is placed closer to the eyes which enlarges the welder’s line of sight by 2.7 times! This increases the lateral and the horizontal fields of vision and helps the welders performance and safety.

Revolutionary wear comfort: The optrel weldcap® is an auto-darkening welder’s cap that brings together the comfort of a casual cap and the advantages of a full welding helmet. The material combination of plastic and textile parts are unique. It is soft where it must be comfortable and rigid where it must be tough.

Minimal weight: The optrel weldcap® weighs only 400 grams, so it is absolutely lightweight. Since the ADF is closer to the eyes, the weight of the product moves closer to its center of gravity, therefore increasing its stability and balance. The design eliminates pressure points and reduces strain on the welder’s neck.

Swift handling: The optrel weldcap® stands for a swift handling. Thanks to its special shape, it is very easy to take on and off. It can easily be parked with the optrel parking buddy. This also increases the productivity of the welder.

Utmost protection: The textile part is robust, easily detached and made of washable flame retardant fabric. The optrel weldcap® is completely hygienic and classified for EN 379 and EN 175 F.

Multi-purpose use: Darkening levels from 9 to 12 cover the majority of welding applications and with a protection level 3 in its general mode, the welder has a bright and well-lit view of the work-place. This feature predestinates the optrel weldcap® for grinding jobs as well.

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